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towing Androo by kayak at the Port of Everett Marina rainbow at Swantown Marina cartload of boys at Swantown Marina in Olympia ducks at the Port of Everett train on the outskirts of Snohomish sunset at White Rock early morning balloon in Snohomish Androo hiking in the Skagit River in British Columbia flowers at the Canada House spring on the Snohomish River at Jetty Island Cascades from the Snohomish River Blue Sky getting pretty and polished at Blaine Marine sunset thistles at Blaine Marine Park fish at Sucia's Fossil Bay dock 3 herons flying over Semiahmoo Bay at sunset hawk flying over a field near Mt. Baker at sunset whales in Haro Straight near Turn Point dusk at Semiahmoo Bay boat work Deception Pass ultralight in flight near Snohomish Semiahmoo Sunset wildflowers in the Wenatchee National Forest Marc and Murph on the Merrit Lake Trail helicopter from the top of Whistler Mountain time for shaking sunrise on Echo Bay, Sucia Islands the next morning's foggy sunrise on Echo Bay, Sucia Islands Kingfisher at Roche Harbor going ashore birds feeding on a herring ball on Alden Bank in the Straight of Georgia Happy Halloween! gale weather at South Bluff, American Camp, San Juan Island end of November snow male kingfisher in winter on Drayton Harbor black bear on the Louis Lake Trail near the Twisp River beautiful Louis Lake in the Lake Chelan - Sawtooth Wilderness sacked out with the dogs Columbia River at Vantage Washington Hot Rod at the September 2007 Langley, British Columbia Classic Car Show. SERIES: Pilot Boat Chinook outside the Columbia River Bar, from the m.s. Volendam off the coast of Oregon. house finches often visit western meadowlark at Chiliwist Butte Androo Dog Solstice Snow in Milton Crossing the Columbia River Bridge from Portland to Vancouver during the December 2008 Snowstorm. AMA Motorcycle Races at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, 17 May 2009. Climbing in the trees at Shark Reef, Lopez Island, 23 July 2009. Streaming cloud over Mount Shasta, 07 January 2009. Elk Calf at Oak Creek, 11 March 2011. Marmot at Palouse Falls, 12 March 2011. Khol Raabi flowering in the garden, 14 April 2012.

On Blue Sky

Thanks for visiting On Blue Sky. My name is James Edwards and I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I've taken on my travels and adventures.

I try to take good, interesting, high-quality artistic photographs, and enjoy getting better at that, but that isn't the purpose of this site. I include pictures that add - probably at an abstract level - to the "OnBlueSky story." Blue Sky was a boat I lived on when I started this site, in case you were wondering where the name came from.

I may leave off some that are too close to images that are already posted, or aren't good enough, and I may add some that aren't perfect if it adds to the story. Though more for convenience than artistic reasons, there is almost no processing or photo-editing. And the pictures aren't always added in chronological order. Sometimes I go back and find something that happened awhile back, especially if I think it's time for an update.

Feel free to drop me a note! I am always interested in hearing which photos people like best - it often suprises me.


There is no set schedule for updates. When I started, I aimed to add a new picture about every week or so, but now it can be months between additions. Drop me a request if you would like to be notified by email when a new picture is added (your address will not be used for any other purposes), or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The last picture was added Saturday, April 21, 2012.

About Me

I am a video and software developer living and working on the U.S. west coast. I spend time in Washington, British Columbia and the San Francisco Bay area. I am currently developing tools and media for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business (Xbox, Zune, etc). Visit my business website at wuzza.com.

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